2016 Results

Results for the 2016 Grin-N-Bear It are below and there are plenty of results and formats for all you statistically minded competitive types out there.

A list of all 221 competitors on the day with 26 solo entries and 56 Teams.
2016 GrinnBeartIt – List of Competitors
2016 GrinnBeartIt – List of Competitors by Category

There a few different formats of results below, depending on how much information you are looking for. A note that the 4 sectors in the results represent the Swim, Paddle, Mountain Bike and Run in that order and the time shown is how long it took to complete each leg. The rank next to the time, is for that leg, either overall or by category.

Simple Format
2016 GrinnBeartIt Overall Results (Simple)
2016 GrinnBeartIt Category Results (Simple)

Detailed Format (including times for individual legs)
2016 GrinnBeartIt Overall Results (Times Only)
2016 GrinnBeartIt Category Results (Times Only)

Even more Detailed Format (including names and times for individual legs. There is lot of information on this one)
2016 GrinnBeartIt Overall Results (Detailed)
2016 GrinnBeartIt Category Results (Detailed)

If you want to now khow you did overall for each leg of the event, check the results sheet below and scroll down to the leg you are looking for and find your name. You can see your time, overall rank and and gap to the fastest time for that leg.
2016 GrinnBeartIt Overall Results – Individual Leg Rankings with Names

Want to know how you went against the King and Queen of the Mountain, which was the transition area to the top of the first climb (Mt Edith). Check out your results here
2016 Grin N Bear It KOM Results

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